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Mortise locks

Mortise locks are a durable, reliable locking system popular in many commercial spaces. Nestled into the door itself for better stability, a mortise lock can withstand a high amount of use, making it one of the best options for business entries, storage rooms, classrooms, private offices and more.

In this article, we’ll explain what makes mortise locks uniquely secure, how they’re installed, and a few repairs that are common with this type of locking system.

And of course, if you need any help, Advanced Lock and Key in Cleveland and surrounding areas can solve your problems on-site.

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What is a mortise lock?

If you were to see a yet-to-be-installed mortise lock, the jumble of mechanisms and parts might confuse you. But, once installed, the locking system is sleek and easy-to-use.

The mortise lock is typically made up of a pocket, which houses the locking system and is installed inside the door. Then there are the internal and external handles or knobs. Often, a mortise lock also has a deadbolt function, which is why many business owners trust this type of lock over a standard cylinder lock. Finally, there’s the sturdy strike plate that is installed in the doorjamb.

Mortise locks vary in complexity, but many offer multiple latches—the deadbolt, a security latch and a latch bolt— to keep the door even more securely locked.

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Can mortise locks include smart technology?

Yes! Mortise locks may be based on a 19th century design, but they’ve been upgraded to keep up with modern demand. Smart mortise locks still rely on the durability and stability of the traditional design, but with smart technology to offer keypad, touchscreen, or FOB options.

Who makes mortise locks?

As a widely popular locking system, you’ll find that most lock companies offer at least one version of the mortise lock.

Schlage and Kwikset, for instance, offer both traditional and smart mortise locks. Other companies like Yale, specialize in smart keyless mortise locks, while Prime-Line has a range of standard mortise locks.

Mortise cylinder replacement (3)
Mortise cylinder replacement (1)
Mortise cylinder replacement (2)
Mortise cylinder replacement (3)
Mortise cylinder replacement (4)

How to install a mortise lock

Mortise lock installation is not considered a DIY project. That’s because on a door that previously didn’t have a mortise lock, or had a different kind of lock, a locksmith will be required to alter the door to house the new one. Without the proper tools or experience, you could easily damage the door or end up with a misaligned locking system.

Mortise locks can be installed in both wood and hollow metal doors. For either process, a locksmith will first excavate the part of the door that will house the mortise pocket. Then, they will align and attach all other hardware, including the levers, deadbolt knob, and strike plate for the door jamb.

For smart mortise locks, a locksmith will also install and test the keypad, touchscreen, or other smart technology.

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What can go wrong with mortise locks?

There are a few reasons why a locksmith may be called out for a mortise lock. While these locks are very durable and long-lasting, they can require the help of a locksmith from time to time, such as:

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When should you call your locksmith?

Advanced Lock and Key in Cleveland knows everything there is to know about mortise locks! So, whether you have a question about which brand is right for your commercial space, want to schedule an installation or have any doubts about the security of your current mortise lock, they’re happy to help.

Mortise cylinder replacement (6)
Mortise cylinder replacement (5)

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