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Extracting broken car keys

Breaking a car key in the door or ignition is more common than you think! Here’s what you can to extract the key and get a new one.

You never thought it would happen, but it has: your car key broke in the door or ignition. The truth is, it’s not your fault! Most people are surprised to learn that it doesn’t take as much force as you might expect to break a key in a car lock or ignition.

The good news is, Advanced Lock and key, your #1 locksmith in Cleveland and surrounding areas, can be your go-to for auto problems like these. Here at Advanced Locksmith, we’re trained in key extraction and car key duplication so that you can buckle up and get on with your day.

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Can you extract a broken key yourself?

Maybe you can see the key fragment sticking out of the lock and you’re wondering whether you should just try pulling it out yourself. The problem is that keys are designed to fit snugly into the keyway. You might find that soon as you try removing the key, or using household tools to pull the key out, the fragment simply gets pushed deeper into the keyway. The danger here is that the more you attempt to get the fragment out, the higher the risk of damaging the internal mechanism of the lock cylinder. If you’re not careful, you could end up having to replace the lock entirely.

The other reason why you’ll want to call a professional is that you’ll need to replace the key. If you’re going to need a key duplication anyway, it’s best to avoid the risk of damaging your lock and rely on the pros right from the start.

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Why a locksmith is your best first option

Your first instinct when dealing with car problems may be to call your car dealership or local mechanic. But here are a few reasons why having your locksmith on standby is a better option:

  • We’ll talk more in a moment about what it typically costs to have your locksmith extract a car key, and you’ll be surprised at how much lower it is than whatever your dealership or mechanic is charging.
  • Onsite service. One of the huge benefits of calling a locksmith for a broken key is that we’ll come to you. No need to worry about having your car towed to the nearest dealership or garage. We travel with all the tools we need to extract the key and get you back behind the wheel.

People are often unaware that locksmiths are trained in car keys, but the fact is, locks of all kinds are our bread and butter! So whether your key has broken off in the door, trunk, or ignition, we can fix the problem on site and for a great price.

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Advancedlnk Extracting broken car keys (5)
Advancedlnk Extracting broken car keys (6)
Advancedlnk Extracting broken car keys (4)

How does a locksmith extract a broken car key?

How exactly will your locksmith go about removing a car key that’s broken off in the lock? Here’s what we do:

  • We arrive with an extraction kit. As we mentioned, the danger of trying to get your key out of the lock or ignition with household items is that you can end up damaging the internal mechanisms of your lock. That’s why your locksmith will show up with a set of specialized extraction tools that will remove the key with the least amount of force.
  • We may try out a few different kinds of tools depending on how deep the broken key is lodged into the cylinder. Sometimes a key can be extracted with pliers if it is partly exposed. But, if a key broke off deeper into the cylinder or it was pushed in, a key extraction rake, pick or wire extractor will be more appropriate. These all work by inserting the tool into the keyway and pulling the key fragment out gently.
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Can a locksmith replace the broken key?

Yes! When you call us out to help you extract a broken car key, we’ll ask you what the make and model of your car is. That way, we can check our inventory and replace your key as soon as possible. And, if your car uses smart technology in addition to a physical key, we can program the new keys to work, too.

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How much does it cost to extract a car key?

Day or night, Advanced Locksmith will come to wherever you are in Cleveland to help you with a broken car key. But you might be wondering how much a service like this will cost. There are a few factors that will determine the price:

As you can see, it can be difficult to land on a clear price estimate for car key extraction without knowing more about your car and service needs. When you call the pros at Advanced Locksmith, we’ll be able to give you a more accurate quote.

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Call Advanced Lock and Key Locksmith today!

No matter where you’re located in Cleveland, your trusted locksmith at Advanced Locksmith can help. We’ve seen plenty of car keys broken in doors, trunks, and ignitions, and we know exactly how to do an extraction without damaging your locks.

Not only will we go above and beyond the service that you might get at a car dealership or mechanic, but you’ll also be pleasantly surprised at how much you can save by calling an auto locksmith. So, reach out to Advanced Locksmith and let us help you get back behind the wheel!

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Advancedlnk Extracting broken car keys (7)
Advancedlnk Extracting broken car keys (10)

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