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You lost the keys to your home or office, and you’re wondering what to do next. The conclusion that many of us jump to first is to replace the locks. But, if your locks are in good shape, there’s really no reason to go through the expense and hassle of replacing them entirely. You might consider rekeying your locks, instead!

Lock rekeying is a fast and easy process that Advanced Lock and Key in Cleveland and surrounding areas can do on site and with just a couple of tools. In the time that it would take you to decide on a new lock, your locksmith can restore your current lock and peace of mind!

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What is rekeying?

Every lock has an internal cylinder with small pins that determine which key can unlock the door. Removing this cylinder and manipulating the pins allow your locksmith to set your lock to open with a new key. The process requires a small set of specialized tools—as well as experience and skill!—and can be completed in about five to ten minutes.

Once the lock has been rekeyed, all that’s left to do is place the cylinder back in the lock. And, you might also request them to copy the new key so that your family members or employees can open the new lock

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Some factors that can affect house lockout prices include when you call, the complexity of your lock, and whether you’ll require additional services like rekeying. In general, emergency calls at night or on holidays will drive up the price, as will high security locks that need to be drilled. With all of these considerations, you can expect the starting rate of a house lockout to be around $35, plus an extra $20 for rekeying.

These are just estimates, so when you call your Cleveland locksmith, it’s a good idea to provide as much information as possible to get a more accurate quote.

One thing to remember about rekeying your locks is that the old keys will no longer work. Make sure that everyone who has a copy of the old key knows this! Otherwise, you could be calling us for another problem: a broken key in your lock.

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What kinds of locks can be rekeyed ?

Whether you’ve got a traditional deadbolt Kwikset lock, a keypad lock from Schlage, or another type of lock, your Cleveland locksmith can rekey it. Because as long as the deadbolt or door knob has a keyhole, there is an internal cylinder that can be removed and rekeyed.

Exactly how your locksmith will go about rekeying your unique lock will depend on what kind of system you have. Locks that have some kind of technology will need to be disabled before removing the cylinder. But, in general, all locks with a keyhole can be rekeyed.

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Do you need to have the original key to have your locks rekeyed?

No! While it is easier to rekey a lock with the original key, your Cleveland OH locksmith can still rekey your locks without it.

Rekeying a lock without the key may take slightly longer, but it’s still considered to be a straightforward and easy procedure.

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What does it cost to rekey a lock versus replacing it?

In general, you’ll find that rekeying your locks will be much cheaper than replacing them entirely. As we’ve covered so far, the process of rekeying a lock is as simple as skillfully changing the internal mechanisms of the lock. Replacing locks involves purchasing a new lock, removing the old hardware, and installing the new. Replacing locks can generally start at around $25 and that’s not including the price of the lock. Rekeying typically starts at around $20, and remember, there’s no new hardware to buy.

That said, there are a few other factors that can go into the price of rekeying your locks:

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