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High Security Locks

Installing a high security lock in your home or office can give you peace of mind every time you step out the front door.

But, if you don’t already have one, you might be wondering whether this type of lock is right for your space. Do you need something with smart technology?

How can you be sure that a certain lock will be compatible with your door? And what are some of the most reliable brands for your budget?

Luckily, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Advanced Lock and Key – Cleveland and Akron metro areas, locksmith can help you find the high security lock that is ideal for your needs. Plus, we’ll show up ready to install your brand new lock quickly so that you can start enjoying better security as soon as possible!

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What exactly is a high security lock?

You might see the label “high security” and assume it’s a marketing ploy. But as it turns out, high security locks really do offer extra layers of protection for your home or office.

For one thing, these locks are typically built to withstand damage from blunt force or drilling as well as tampering such as lock picking.

And with extra-strength steel deadbolts, high security locks can stand up to anything from battering rams to hacksaws. The addition of ball bearings on the internal hardware serve to keep the deadbolt secure even in the case of prying with a crowbar.

Once you get your hands on a key from a high security lock, you’ll notice another line of defense. These locks use specialized keyways that can’t be copied without the use of specific machines.

High security locks are often also paired with other layers of security such as an alarm system or video surveillance. These multiple modes of protection work together to keep your home or office safe in an attempted intrusion.

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What can smart technology locks offer?

Not all high security locks utilize smart technology and not all smart locks are high security. But, the two can create a security system that is incredibly strong!

The Schlage High Security Lock, for instance, utilizes a high security deadbolt along with a smart keypad for keyless access. Unlike many mechanical high security locks, this lock is fitted with an alarm that will sound with too many repeated incorrect keypad attempts.

Smart technology in the security world is advancing all the time. So make sure to ask your local Cleveland and Akron metro areas OH locksmith about Kwikset, Schlage, or other brands of high security locks that utilize smart technology for the latest information. Here, at Advanced Lock and Key, we carry all major brands of high security locks. We will come to your home or business in Cleveland and Akron metro areas, OH and install one for you.

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High security locks solution advancedlnk cleveland oh (11)
High security locks solution advancedlnk cleveland oh (1)
High security locks solution advancedlnk cleveland oh (6)
High security locks solution advancedlnk cleveland oh (13)
High security locks solution advancedlnk cleveland oh (8)

Speaking of brands, which ones are the best?

If you’ve started browsing for high security lock options, you already know that there are many different high security locks to choose from, with many of the major brands offering a variety of options including keypads, keyless technology or standard deadbolts. So, which one is the most reliable? Here are some of the most trusted on the market today:

  • Medeco. This US-based company specializes in high security locks for commercial settings, schools, banks and government buildings. They offer a range of traditional high security locks as well as intelligent key systems. If you’re looking to protect a non-residential space, Medeco is top of the line in high security solutions.


  • Schlage is a name that you’ve probably heard before, and that’s because they’re one of the most well-known security companies in the country. Schlage offers a wide range of locking options, many of which will fit seamlessly into your existing smart technology, so you can find high security locks to match your specific needs.


  • Mul-t-lock. Whether you’re looking for traditional high security locks or high security locks with a digital component, you’ll find plenty of options with Mul-t-lock. These locks are widely considered to be the strongest and most reliable for residential and commercial settings.


A quick Google search for high security locks will show you that there are many options beyond the leading brands. Lesser known companies like Sifely and Jiguoor, for instance, are gaining popularity for their sleek-looking smart security systems. And your experienced Advanced Lock and key – Cleveland and Akron metro areas OH locksmith will be able to install a lock that you’ve found during your own online search. But, if you want to simplify the process and be sure that you’re purchasing a tried-and-trusted high security lock, the top brands are a reliable option.

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Should residential settings use high security locks?

To be sure, high security locks and locks that use smart technology are some of the most expensive on the market. After all, their strong material and technology make them well-suited for commercial spaces. So you might be wondering, are they really necessary in residential settings?

Well, when it comes to the locks within your home, we would say probably not. Traditional locks are just fine when it comes to bedroom and bathroom doors.

But, there are certainly some advantages to having a high security lock on the front door of your residential home. In fact, high security locks are so difficult to break into that they often serve as a deterrent for potential intruders. And, in the case that there is an attempted break-in, a high security lock will take much longer for an intruder to breach, which can give the authorities time to arrive on the scene.

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Can a high security lock work for any door?

If you’re thinking of upgrading the security of your lock, you also need to think about the door itself. A damaged, old, or weak door will break before the high security lock, so it’s important that these locks be installed in doors that can withstand damage. The door also needs to be thick enough to house the lock.

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How can you install a high security lock?

There’s not much difference between installing a high security lock and a traditional mortise or deadbolt lock. That said, it is a good idea to call in a professional if you’ve never installed a lock before, the lock contains smart technology, or you have a steel door. The pros will be able to install the lock quickly and do a few test runs to ensure the quality of your security system.

In Cleveland and Akron metro areas OH, replacing a lock with a high security lock or installing a high security lock on a brand new door can cost somewhere around $50 to $110. The price might be slightly higher for smart locks or emergency jobs.

The price of the lock itself is typically the most expensive part of upgrading your security system. As we mentioned, high security locks tend to be more expensive than traditional locks because they utilize stronger materials and more advanced technology. A single high security deadbolt, for example, can cost somewhere between $100 and $200. Smart security systems can range from $150 to $300.

Give Advanced Lock and Key in Cleveland and Akron metro areas OH locksmith pros a call for a quote and to learn more about which high security lock is right for your security needs! We’re happy to offer advice and help you upgrade your security!

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High security locks solution advancedlnk cleveland oh (3)
High security locks solution advancedlnk cleveland oh (2)

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